SideShow Bitmap Driver available on CodePlex

The Windows SideShow Bitmap Driver is now available on CodePlex. Complete source and documentation is available for download. This is more targeted at device manufacturers than gadget developers, but it does include a test application that can be used as a SideShow simulator. This is also useful as a source code example of a full SCF parser and renderer.

Project Description:

This solution renders pages on a computer and sends bitmap images to the SideShow-compatible device, so the device can be lower cost. You can extend a button-based sample user interface that is included to support touch or other features. This solution allows SideShow functionality to be easily adapted to existing, in-market hardware, in many cases without any hardware modifications. This solution differs from other SideShow solutions. Typically, the SideShow device would parse and render the SCF content. In contrast, the Windows SideShow Bitmap Driver is doing the parsing and rendering. Because the computer renders the UI, the device does not have access to offline content when the computer is off.


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