SideShow Gadget Requests and Ideas

I’m now soliciting requests for SideShow gadgets…  I’d like to hear your ideas about what gadgets you would find most useful and compelling.  I’d like to take some of the best ideas, code them up, and then publish them to the Live Gallery as free downloads.

Please add your suggestions as comments to this post.


2 Responses to SideShow Gadget Requests and Ideas

  1. Ceroasloth says:

    Hi, I have an LG R200, and I love the screen it has on the outside, but I really needed a sound recorder for it, it allready has a music player, a picture viewer and a solitaire game.
    Just a very simple sound recorder would be fine, the computer has a built in microphone so i think it would work fine…

  2. ssgadgets says:

    It would be fairly easy to write a gadget that turned on the sound recorder when the PC was on. However, there’s no direct connection between the SideShow hardware and the microphone, so there would be no way to record sound when the PC was off or asleep. Is this the scenario you were looking for?

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