How To: Get all the posts from this blog on your SideShow device

You can use the Feed Viewer gadget to get all the posts (including texts and pictures) from this blog and have it displayed on your SideShow device.  Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed for this site in Internet Explorer
  2. Install the Feed Viewer gadget from the Live Gallery
  3. Open the SideShow Control Panel
  4. Click on the Feed Viewer gadget name
  5. There should be a checkbox labeled “Ed’s SideShow Gadget Blog”.  Check it.
  6. Close that gadget settings window.
  7. There should be a new gadget listed as “Ed’s SideShow Gadget Blog”.  Enable it.
  8. The content from the blog should now be on your device.

These steps work for all RSS feeds, but what content could be more compelling?


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